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    • Unleash Your Unicorn!

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  • Access to all 30 fitness training plans.

  • 2 models you can follow for your daily flow of health and fitness.

  • Nutrition: Choices for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for both male & female.

  • Nutrition: Vegetarian & vegan menus now available.

  • An Eating Plan you can follow daily with multiple methods you can use to customize it to your needs.

  • Access to all 122 instructional coaching videos & site videos.

There are currently 30 training plans available to choose from, all included in your membership (more will be added over time). These plans cut out the many hours of research time required to develop your own gym/home workout plan. There is a large variety so you will be spoiled for choice:

Beginners - 6 plans 

Home Workout - 5 plans

Muscle Gain - 5 plans

Weight Loss -  3 plans

Specialized (advanced)- 5 plans

Female Fitness - 4 plans

Strength & Performance - 2 plans

Along with this, you will get guidelines on your daily nutrition habits to help you and give you great options in your day-to-day eating from my Nutrition section with menus to cater to your needs, including all new vegetarian/vegans. All menus include macro-nutrient breakdown and calories. Many fail on their new lifestyle habits due to they hate the limited choice - say no more to that! Variety is the spice of life! Follow your all new Eating Plan for maximum results!

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