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Jamie (Jay) is Irish born and lives in Ireland. I have an educational background in Fitness & Health Studies, Learning and Development, Marketing, Management, and Content Creation. I have been training for over 12 years and have worked in several gyms, training a plethora of clients of all ages and sizes. I also ran many successful exercise classes for the masses including: Spinning, Kettlebells, and Aerobics.


I love to change around my body from a more mass-focused "bulky" to a leaner and trim "beach bod" physique - I just find it fun. Nowadays, I am more content with the "happy medium" between both the "Ripped AF" and "Bulky Bear" extremities. With the discipline and mindset I have developed, I am determined to help others realize their potential too, hence the creation of this platform you are on today (Thanks for viewing!)


My favourite hobby (besides working out) is gaming, where you can catch me live streaming on Twitch/Youtube from 8.30pm GMT on Wednesday and Sunday's (subject to change). I have a growing community on Discord where chatting and announcements are commonplace. Come and join, welcome home!

On top of these, I also love creating various content for the masses to consume on various media (links are on the bottom of the page or my click here for my Linktree for all easy to access links), and its a craft I am forever learning and inspiring to improve. It certainly is a different lifestyle from the office and gym work. From creating gaming videos, live content, fitness videos, entertainment, and a more adult-based repertoire, it is truly a varied offering, and I am happy for people to see all sides of me. I am humbled and grateful to be able to live out such opportunity, and encourage others to find what makes them happy.

I would like to thank the following gyms: Midleton Fitness, Cobh Coral Leisure, and Fit-4-Less Cork for allowing me to shoot various coaching instructional videos to be used in my service offering. If ever in the area, check these gyms out!

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Fitness Qualifications:

Personal Training                    Strength & Conditioning

Functional Trainer                  Health & Food Studies


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*11 years between pics

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